Twitter Many Mumbaikars travel in packed trains and risk their lives, just to reach office on time. Work To Live to Work is an initiative to make Mumbai’s working hours more flexible & commuting less fatal. Support the cause & save a life: #FlexiTimeSavesLives Facebook Through this initiative Dias is urging CEOs/HR heads to help Mumbai based companies to implement flexible office timings for employees so that they don’t risk their lives to reach their workplaces. Pledge Aakash from SEBI has taken the pledge. Pledge Daniel Davidson from DHL Logistics has taken the pledge. Twitter Ambimgp : #worktolivetowork An excellent initiative. The next step is to do a Before After study to measure the long term impact. Well done @AAAIOfficial @rameshnarayan @AnantRangaswami Facebook BTVI: Inflexible work timings lead to rush hour commuting, which in turn claim many lives in Mumbai. BTVI supports the IAA - India Chapter initiative Worktolivetowork and urges organizations and employers to adopt employee-friendly work timings in order to save lives of Mumbaikars. Facebook Shivangi Tripathi: An amazing Initiative by IAA... Have a look Work to live to work Twitter Shivani Srivastava: #worktolivetowork very thoughtful and much needed many #CEOs are like @NandiniDias #NandiniDias... Hormuzd Masani, CEO of ABC "I like the idea of 'Don't Be Inflexible'. Its a very timely and thoughtful campaign". Pledge Dr. Mukesh Batra of Dr. Batra’s : "I’ve been sending the campaign personally to people." Pledge Sam Balsara, Chairman and Managing Director - Madison: "A worthy initiative by IAA. Persuading all offices to follow flexi timings to avoid rush in over-burdened infrastructure to reduce mishaps and save lives" Pledge Aparna Kapoor of BIG FM: “It's a great thought and truly believe it works ...happy employee is the most parameter for any organisation to succeed” Facebook Nandini Dias - CEO Lodestar Media : International Advertising Association (IAA) India Chapter undertakes a new social initiative , ‘WorkToLiveToWork’... Twitter Purab Kohli - According to reports, 9 people die everyday in the suburban rail network; nearly 3300 people every year. If that number comes down to 7, we save upto 700 lives. Urging all companies to come forward & adapt this to save the lives of fellow Mumbaikars. #WorktoLivetoWork @IAA_india

Adopting Work To Live To Work

Apart from impacting the rush-hour intensity, flexi-timings can go a long way in improving employee morale and boosting productivity. To find out more please share a few details so that we can guide you better.

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How does the office keep track of which employee attends office at what hour?
Since how long has the office been offering flexi-time?
Has flexi-time increased productivity in office?
Has flexi-timings improved happiness index in office?
Did you set any targets while rolling out the flexi-timing initiative?
Please describe these targets?
What are the common hours (mandatory working hours) if any in the office?
How does the office manage perception issues arising from flexi-timing? For example, do flexi-timing users have to fight the general perception of being slackers as only their immediate supervisors are aware of their schedule?
What steps has the office management taken to make flexi-timing more acceptable and to encourage more employees to participate?
Would you be willing to shift employees to different time slots in the larger interest of managing stress of commuting in the city?
Which departments in your office and in your opinion have the potential to change and commence at alternative hours?
What will be the approximate impact of your flexi-time plan on employee strength across the day?